What's left

Mrs. Seidlizki was born in 1953 in ­Kreuzberg, Berlin. Both of her parents died when she was a young child, so she soon learned to live on her own. She started working at a print office when she was 16 years old. After getting ­pregnant at the age of 18, she married her first husband, an alcoholic. Only three years later they ­divorced. At that time she was pregnant again, but from ­another man. She married that man soon ­after and ­together they moved in at the porter‘s ­lodge of Tempelhofer Ufer 6A. There they lived happily for the next 15 years until her second husband died unexpectedly from a cardiac aneurysm.

After losing her husband, receiving no ­financial support, but still having three children to take care of, Mrs. Seidlizki has to fight through each and every day. Therefore, additionally to her normal job, she started working for the post, ­accepting deliveries for the entire house. This soon evolved from a side job into a full-time job as the zone she covers has been growing ­continuously.

Now, 25 years later, Mrs. Seidlizki accepts ­deliveries for more than 600 people from the area around her building. Five delivery services load off packages of all different sizes. Every ­incoming one gets categorized and placed in ­storage before ­Mrs. Seidlizki sends a text message to the recipients to inform them about the delivery. People can collect the deliveries from Monday to ­Saturday between 8 am and 10 pm. While waiting she often plays Final ­Fantasy, a fantasy role-playing video game. Her children ­visit her only occasionally and due to her occupation she leaves the house just once a week to buy food and things for the household. Her only companion is the variety of pets she lives with: birds, fish, snails, rats and her cat Kessi. These are the only things left which brighten up her dark fate and let her live happily from day to day.

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