Every now and again galaxies are lit up by a huge colorful explosion. When supersized stars reach the end of their lives, they explode in a brilliant burst of light that can outshine entire galaxies and give off more energy than a smaller star can produce in its entire lifetime. Known as a supernova, such an explosion leaves behind beautiful wisps of dust and gas called ­supernova remnants. With this event they terminate their existence as a star and leave behind nothing but a uniquely beautiful last memory. As if they had not accomplished to show their true beauty until the very last moment.

Similar to a star before the supernova, I have the feeling that I am not always able to show my true self. Believing I must fit into a picture that is generally considered successful, I often try to simplify my complicated traits, without seeing the beauty and inimitability in complexity. Just like being a star in a galaxy inhabited by billions of similar stars, I catch myself blindly pursuing goals of other people, not paying attention to my own desires.

The series “Supernova” symbolizes the sensation of presenting one’s hidden inner beauty to the world. The different pictures stand for the versatility within human nature, which is ­always unique in a unique way and therefore incomparable. Finally, the vivid, dynamic structures and colors emblematize the burst of emotions during certain moments of true self-acceptance and freedom—the supernova.

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